Share the Love of Good Skin Care!

Sarah and I have been best friends for over 15 years, and although we are much alike, we are very different in many ways. I enjoy being pampered with the newest skin care line, online shopping and traveling to exotic locations while she spends more time indulging in baking, creating timeless music and caring for her three beautiful children. Even though she was taking care of herself, I still wanted to share my experience with Esthetics and skin care. She always did compliment me on the youthfulness of my skin so I wanted to share the love.

I knew she was a little shy, and a little embarrassed by her minimal skin care routine so I didn’t want to push her into doing something that would make her feel uncomfortable. I had planted the seeds over the years by showing my enthusiasm and talking about the relaxation, anti-aging, protective and skin balancing benefits, but I knew I needed to do a little more to get her to just try it out, even just once.

So, I set up a free consultation with my favorite Esthetician, Vickie at Naava Skin Care Therapy. She spoke about the Express Facial which was short and sweet, but oh so yummy. It’s a sampler skin care treatment that would give her a great idea of what to expect without investing too much time or money. She also explained the Chemical Peel and Microdermabrasion methods of exfoliation and it got Sarah excited about the process and the results. She booked the appointment immediately and I was so happy she took the leap of faith.

To keep the candle burning, I thought I would give her a present of skin care to help her maintain her routine for a while. Her anniversary was coming up and giving a gift of a couple’s skin care treatment could be a sweet gesture to both her and her husband. I did second guess that approach as maybe she would be hesitant to be so vulnerable in front of her man, so I decided to purchase a gift certificate for her birthday instead. This way she could continue on her way to glowing, beautiful skin.

Naava Skincare Therapy offers several types of skincare treatments for your friends and loved ones.  Vickie is very knowledgeable and takes all the time needed to make everyone feel comfortable during their treatment time.  Give her a call today at 678-870-8102 or click on the Gift Certificate to purchase a gift certificate for your loved ones during the year!